ROBERLO products Usa & Ninos refinish supply.  

Roberlo putties and bodyfillers are a benchmark in the sector internationally. It was one of the first products in which the company specialized since its foundation more than 50 years ago. That is why the company has a wide range of soft putties, bodyfillers, light, multifunctional or special putties, among many others for different uses and purposes. However, during all these years, Roberlo has opted to become the supplier of the full range of products necessary for car refinishing and any bodyshop. Today, it has a vast catalog that goes from putties to polishes. Specifically, t has a wide variety of primers, tintometric systems, clear coats, hardeners, thinners and additives, protectors and sealants, aerosols abrasives, masking products and accessories necessary to streamline any management in the workshop. In addition, in parallel, the firm has a wide variety of solutions for industrial applications through its Disolac line.