Industrial Paint



Nino’s Refinish Supply is a distributor authorized by the state of Virginia to distribute produces from the brand Roberlo. We compare market wide costs to ensure that you get the best prices for the highest quality. 

Nino´s Refinish Supply es Distribuidor autorizado para Virginia EEUU de los Productos Industriales de la marca Roberlo. Comprando a través de nosotros usted obtendrá los mejores precios de un producto de altísima calidad con todo el respaldo de la casa matriz. 

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Industrial Sectors


Finishing is a key element of commercial vehicles.

At Roberlo we know about its function as an advertising platform and the value that is given to the finish. This is why we not only offer an optimal solution for repainting commercial vehicles, but also a high-quality, reliable and durable finish.

Our systems guarantee the most durable colors with the best protection from sun exposure thanks to a wide range of highly resistant backgrounds.

We have a wide variety of certified products for any type of surface and a wide variety of applications for trucks, trains, buses, as well as containers, trailers and tanks. 


Structures - Anti-corrosion systems

Disolac offers multiple solutions for painting and repainting any type of structures.

We have different types and properties of protection systems, adaptable to any environment, from low pollution areas to areas with high salinity or UV index.

We have studied and certified all of our processes in accordance with the specifications of the ISO 12944. Thanks to these tests, we can determine which systems are the most appropriate ones for each environment and we can help you develop a maintenance plan for your structures.

Our team of experts can help you choose that process that better suits your needs, according to the corrosive characteristics of the environment, the substrate that is used, the desired durability and other specific requirements.


Agricultural and construction equipment

Disolac range has the best processes for the original painting and repainting of machinery, both agricultural and for construction.

Our machinery finishes not only offer the best appearance, but also products with a high quality, reliable and durable finish.

We have different processes and painting systems with the best guarantee

  • Certificates according to ISO 12944
  • UV protection guarantee
  • Compliance with VOC regulations
  • For spray, airless and airmix applications

Disolac offers finishes for a wide variety of applications, such as: tractors, fertilizer spreaders, harvesters, spraying machines, cultivators, sprayers, harvesters, harvesters, flatters ... Also for auxiliary material to agricultural machinery such as chisels, bleachers, rollers, trailers, etc.


Signs and advertisement industry

We have the best processes for the original painting and repainting of signage and the advertising industry.

We are specialized in traditional signage and decoration and advertising for the retail segment, decoration of theme parks or shopping centers. We also offer assessment service and customized products for all these sectors.

We guarantee durability in all our processes and we also offer guarantees in ultraviolet resistances as well as resistance to corrosion.

The range of Disolac products also offers a wide range of specific finishes ideal for the sector. We have anti-graffiti, Low-Voc, direct to metal finishes. We also offer specific products for surfaces such as PVC, plastic or methacrylate. 


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