Automotive Paint

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At Nino’s Refinish Supply we prepare the exact color that you need to maximize the cost effectiveness. The paint that we make is handcrafted and is made with perfect efficiency and exact precision. We use paint from two different high quality brands, Wanda, Sherwin Williams and Roberlo.

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En Nino's refinish supply le preparamos el color exacto que usted necesita para maximizar su rentabilidad. Hacemos su pintura de manera rápida y con tecnología de punta. Usamos pinturas de dos proveedores de altísima  calidad que son Wanda, Sherwin Williams y Roberlo.


Solvent Based Mixing System (Roberlo)

DICROM and UCROM are solvent-based tintometric systems from Roberlo for the car refinish sector.

Roberlo has designed these two systems using the latest technology in the field of pigments and they have been created with a view to making the highest quality available to any type of user. DICROM · UCROM are two excellent systems which can reproduce more than 85.000 different OEM colors.

The DICROM · UCROM solvent mixing system is the perfect choice for achieving the exact color.

DICROM is a basecoat, solvent-based system consisting of 33 solid bases, 8 metal bases, 22 pearled bases and 5 xirallic bases. Used in conjunction with bodywork clear coats in the Roberlo range, it enables high levels of quality to be achieved for car refinishing.

UCROM is a 2K topcoat solvent-based system. 
The system consists of 19 solid bases plus a matting agent to reduce, whenever necessary, the level of gloss.



A Complete Refinish System (Wanda)

Wanda, a complete, compact car refinish system, presents a simplified approach for mixing ratios of clear, primer and color and utilizes a universal hardener.